How to feel grateful, despite not having what you want.

from darkness to light

May 18th, 2013

What happens if you practice gratitude every day? Day after day?

Everything changes.

I often challenge myself: 

Whenever I notice I lack something – I change my focus: I think about all the things I have instead.

I focus on everything I have as the result of not having the other thing. 

There is no vacuum. There is always something…

Here are two examples from my life:

  • I live alone. I’m thinking about having “someone” but frankly I do nothing to change that. I’m not motivated. I’m GRATEFUL FOR ALL THIS: The whole bed just for me – I have a better night sleep. Sometimes 10 hours. And if I want I read Sharon Owens’ romances until 4 am. I travel without making compromises. I focus on discovering what I really want from life. I eat what I want. I’m setting the thermostat to 85F in winter. I have more time to deepen my friendships.
  • I have very little work ( I’m writing this at the time of transition from sales to hypnotherapy and coaching and I still go to school) I slowly moved from being very anxious, to appreciating the time that I have for myself. Being overworked before, I suffered from serious stress related symptoms, and now I can feel the difference. It is refreshing. So, being free from work, allowed me to slow down, look again at what I can simplify . I read my books, spend more time with my dogs, meditate longer, doing all the things that nourish my soul and body. I look at it as an investment in my health.

Gratitude is the fastest way to change your energy vibration,  to move from darkness to light. 

There is always something to be grateful for in every experience. You can move your attention from the negative emotions, that destroy you, to a question: could there be possibly a lesson for me in this?

What is it that I’m not seeing…

How is what I have – perfect for me?

Don’t focus on lack.  

*** 2016: three years later I discovered for myself something that creates more magic than gratitude. I go straight for JOY (read here)