This too shall pass, but what will stay? [video]

Since we entered this new reality, I had a thought, that somehow brought me back to center.

This too shall pass. Who we are in the meantime –  stays.

This period of time will be shorter than many wars, but as I go thru this, I may be challenged and react in a way I may regret.

Even now, even though I haven’t faced “anything” yet,  I already lost patience,  got angry (even if it was a “good reason” it doesn’t matter) already got judgmental (big one now for many people…) And I don’t want to be that person. I don’t want to live with these emotions for an extended time. So within a minute or two I’m switching to patience, compassion, center. Sometimes I have to switch focus because I can’t find a mental solution.

But it’s not only about the emotions, but also about handling challenges that may show up, as they do in my imagination.

Who I am thru this – is something I will have to live with later. It will stay in my awareness.

But if I screw up – because I probably will – I will remember my friend’s words, she told me after I was beating myself up for not doing better in something.

” You did the best you could.  Next time you can do better.  If you want.  But for now – you did your best.” 

P.S. If you are overtaken with fear, in the weeks to come,  remember to practice self-compassion. Fear is always a bad advisor. Self-compassion wins, whether you screw up or strive to be your best.