Three Mistakes We Make When Solving A Problem

big PictureWhy it’s so hard to deal with some problems? What to do with, what seems, unresolvable? I hope that after reading this post, you will have some ideas what to do (or not do) next. When we have a big problem, it’s easy to be blinded, to see only one side of the coin, to be stressed out, to “lose it”, to block our genius.

The three common mistakes we are making

… have to do with looking for a solution in all wrong places, that means, on a level that doesn’t offer the answer (e.g. focusing on spiritual, while the solution is on the physical level or vice versa)

1. Focusing  exclusively on the physical solution.

Fixing things. Getting frantic and making too many moves. Spinning around. Not seeing beyond the physical. Doing without thinking. Getting too active and aggressive about making things “right.”

It may be the right thing if during the process your mind is clear, direction known, and you stay focused. ( e.g. When your friend cuts off his finger with a sword, you wouldn’t start praying (spiritual), but you would take him immediately to ER (physical))

But if actions bring nothing but more confusion? Listen to Robert Anthony “If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything”. Instead of trying to control the situation (active, physical), allow the dust to settle down, take the hands off the wheel, allow some time to pass, while you connect with your divine / higher self / The Spirit.

2. Focusing only on the mental solution (thinking)

Overthinking. Overanalyzing. Indefinitely running scenarios in your mind. Talking about it forever with your friend, spouse, therapist.

If the thought  process is leading you to too many blind alleys, maybe the solution is waiting on the physical level: be active: ask the question you want to ask. Ask for support. Take the supplement. Cross the bridge…

And yet there is a wonderful thing that may happen in our minds: understanding of others, or of the situation, transformation, a change in perception to one that brings more peace. This  actually happens on the border of the mind and spirit.

3. Focusing just on the spiritual solutions.

Examples: delegating the problem to the divine (praying) while not taking personal responsibility. Seeing negative consequences of our action and asking for forgiveness, without taking any action to fix what we broke, while having the capacity to do so. Trying to “manifest” just with your mind, and not doing the work that would lead to the goal.

In the essence…

See the big picture.  Solve things on the right level.   Keep the balance between the active and inactive ingredient: balance between allowing for things to fall into place AND taking responsibility for our part.

In addition: with time you will be revealed more about the situation

Important questions to ask ourselves:

“What do I need to learn from this?”

“Does it reflect the state my mind is in?”

“What greater good can this situation inspire?” And if it cannot, what do I need to learn from this. 

“Is it really my problem or someone else’s, and I just assume responsibility for the person…?” 

With time you you may realize why you went through this,

If nothing seems to make sense, look within, and  release control. Allow for a miracle – a change of perception -to  happen.