Voice of the Ego vs. Voice of the Soul

To tell apart a voice of my Ego from the voice of my Soul – is a practical life’s skill. It comes with practice, and absolutely anyone can do it. It takes incomparably less time than learning a foreign language, for sure! After all – we already speak both on some level.

  • While the ego wants us to buy stuff, so we can impress others – the soul wants us to use money to buy freedom and meaning. So we can connect with others.
  • While the ego is fearful of breaking agreements, protecting us from rejection, the soul chooses freedom, it gives us courage to break the agreements, stop doing what would potentially kill us or our spirit.

“Your ego stands in judgment, while your soul comforts you with compassion.” – Debbie Ford

  • The ego keeps us doing what brings stress and resentment, just so we get the approval of others, just so we please others, so we don’t upset others…. the soul says “F*^%  this shit, this is YOUR life!”
  • Our ego sells pieces of our soul, to earn credits in other’s eyes. Our Soul tells us, we are whole and worthy regardless what others say.

The ego keeps us chained and small. The Soul offers us expansion, and the freedom to fly.

There are times that we have to do what is temporarily not good for us, just so we can have more freedom later.  It may be a situation where we do something we don’t agree with, because if we don’t, the consequences will be messy. You look back on those moments in life, and though they were hard – you know, it was the wisest choice at that time.

THESE ARE MOMENTS when our SURVIVAL ARCHETYPES come into play and help us to… survive. But about these – later…