What’s the source of your personal power?


What is personal power? To have it means to me:

  • To be a Master of my Energy.
  • To stand my ground.
  • To have the ability to choose
  • To feel I have an inner foundation I can rely on.
  • To know what’s at that foundation.
  • To take action.
  • To not be swayed left and right.
  • To know, if it’s a yes, or if it’s a no.
  • To be in integrity with myself.

Of course, this comes with time and experience: when you put effort into developing it consciously, it’s because in the past, you didn’t have it. And even when you get a grip on it, it doesn’t mean it’s here to stay;

Our inner power can be challenged every day. Think:

What has power over you?

Think about all the places, people, situations that drain your energy, making you doubt yourself, your ability, sanity, or if you belong. And as disempowering they can be – they can also serve us. When you deny their power over you, you shift the energy, and from this place – you can use the situations to realize what it is that YOU can control.

What could empower you?

Sometimes we think that the external things empower us like a specific car. And I don’t argue – it totally can. Certain clothes, symbols, tattoos, and accessories – yes, they have empowered people for thousands of years. Money – obviously have the power to empower. But you can have all that and still, in the moments your deal with mental, emotional or spiritual challenge – you need more than this. 

You need the power that comes from the inside, not outside. Even if someone does something to empower you, it’s still an inner state that you need to maintain with how you think. 

It’s also worth an experiment: can I feel empowered without the external accessories? ( But usually, life will give us a chance to see) 

You may start finding the source of your personal power is your Mind.

Your voice.

How you manage your time, body, spirituality.

How you navigate the areas you can’t control.

Our power can come from making a decision.

From being resourceful and above all: from believing in ourselves and renewing this belief over and over and over.


 What does it mean to you to have personal power? When do you lose or gain it?