We Belong To Both Worlds: The Human and The Divine

[…and here is what it means in practice]

We belong to both Worlds.

The human and the divine. The fleeting and the eternal. Physical and spiritual.

Full engagement in both is required – it’s what I’m reading in all the sacred books.

Many people say they want to go “home” now. They want to [transition] before they do the Work.

Yet doing “the Work” is essential and leads to freedom,

it leads to the point when we no longer long to leave.

What should we focus on? The physical or the spiritual? They seem to exclude each other (at least in the beginning)

I have heard these words so many times:

“You know, I just don’t feel like I belong here [on Earth] I’d rather go back… home”  The message “life = pain”  hidden in between lines.

“This is confusing: here you feel connected to the Divine when you meditate or pray, or just tune in. You feel you’ve found true peace. And the next thing you know – you face a shit show at work.”

“How do we maintain the connection with the divine in daily life? When I meditate or pray I feel at peace, strong, eternal… and then I go back to the daily life, and it all disappears…” 

I believe there is a purpose in this mystery. And…

…there is a perfect answer to this.

The purpose of being here is to UNITE both worlds.

We do it thru spiritual work. Everything is spiritual work and everyone is doing it… even if they never say the word. You have the inner life. You have your Inner Castle.

The exterior life more or less frequently gives us headache, scratch that,  opportunities to transform dissonance into harmony, conflict into peace. And we do it using our spiritual gifts. Some of us learn the lessons fast, for some of us it takes longer, normal thing. We all have our areas of both weakness and genius.

The inner life, at times heavy, other times so blissful nothing out there can compare, calls us to reach deeper into our Soul. Into the level of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. It pulls us to to the Divine Matrix, it calls us to always transcend. 

With time we learn to create within an unshakable foundation of who we are… Beyond the ego…

This is how I see it now. I’m sure 5 years from now I will see it a bit differently. 

So how to align both worlds?

Learn from the mistakes and conflicts. Transform darkness to the Light. Become a Mental Alchemist. Integrate the lessons. Allow miracles to happen every day. 

Our spirituality needs to be a priority.

There is a story I want to share from “Entering The Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul” by Caroline Myss

“One man I know whose life embodies humility and divine awareness sells home entertainment centers, a job that brings him into contact with dozens of people each week. He envisions these people as blessings that have come into his life to help him, and, in return, he visualizes grace moving through all the components that he sells to these people. He begins his day in prayer and ends his day that way and consciously but quietly works to bring peacefulness into his environment.”

“This requires that I always maintain a devotion toward maintaining my interior peace, so I live with one foot in the world and one within my soul.”

He expects constant guidance and love from the divine, “which is what everyone should expect,” he says, and in fact what the divine provides, but nothing else.


“I’m divinely guided in my life and work”

And gently reminded when I’m taking a wrong turn

Full Engagement in the human and the divine

There is a book that in indirect way helped me to understand, that we cannot sacrifice the physical for the spiritual aspect of life, and vice versa. Full engagement in both worlds is necessary… I will write about “The Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche, in my next post.

  • These are not the original 2000 year old Patanjali Sutras. This is a rendering done by a contemporary meditation teacher.