Can hypnosis help with weight loss?

-So if I eat all the pastries and you hypnotize me, maybe I won’t gain weight, hahaha! – my friend laughed. 

-No – I replied – of course you still need to eat healthy food

-So… how does it work, then?!?

It’s not magic, my friends!!!!  : ) And it’s actually a good thing.

Can hypnosis help you lose weight?

It is up to you.

If you resist (if you hold on tight to the bag of chips, kicking and screaming) it won’t.

If you participate, if you show up with willingness, it will help you. Just like it helped thousands.

What happens in hypnosis? How can it help you lose weight?

If weight loss is preceded by awareness and action. [Awareness of what we think, feel and do that causes weight gain.  Action: changing all of the above in a way that lasts.] Then… what happens in hypnosis?

  1. Hypnosis helps to expand self awareness. You can see yourselves as if from the outside – becoming an observer of your reality – and gain perspective. “Geez, I saw myself doing xyz and…man! I don’t want to be that person! That was eye opening”
  2. Hypnosis uncovers the subconscious patterns that drive all our automatic reactions and thinking. Sometimes witnessing this negative subconscious pattern is enough. Also we can rewrite the pattern, create a new empowering one in place of the old one.
  3. In hypnosis we can resolve internal conflicts. It’s not uncommon, that a part of you wants to reach a goal, but another part of you is not cooperating. When that’s the case, we create a space for both parts to negotiate, come to an agreement, and work towards your conscious goal.
  4. Hypnosis helps to be more mindful.  In a way, it’s like meditation. Mindfulness puts a space in between the trigger and the reaction (Example: trigger: donut. Reaction: eating it mindlessly for no good reason. Another example: Trigger: stress. Reaction: eating a package of cookies)
  5. When the space is created, you can choose a response that makes you feel that you are in control, vs an automatic reaction, that makes you feel out of control around food. “And I realized I don’t have to eat this and I felt in control! Why can’t it always be this way?”… Can’t it?
  6. Hypnosis helps you to create a vision of yourself, in the body you want, and step into that vision, to feel the feelings, to experience it now… “I was wearing THAT dress… everyone complimented me. I want to wear THAT power dress again!”
  7. Hypnosis as well as coaching help you find new emotional responses to triggers and situations that previously seemed one dimensional and bigger than you. “And when I stopped eating that stuff mindlessly, I noticed I am more present with my daughter.”
  8. Hypnosis helps you see how you have the power to choose your food and food has no power over you. “I never looked at sweets this way… ewww”
  9. Hypnosis lets you experience new positive ways of thinking, about the process, about yourself, about your body.  As you allow yourself to be more positive your mind opens to more solutions, and more resources.
  10. Hypnosis helps you reach deep into your inner wisdom to find unique answers that can only come from you.  “I now have this strategy to not overeat during parties” “Instead of going to the kitchen to eat, I can start making art, I always had the urge to do this.” (that client sent me a photo of her painting week after the session <3)
  11. Hypnosis helps you to take the right action. In trance, which is your virtual reality, is a place to practice, try on new ideas. This way, when you are in certain situations in daily life, it’s easier to act like you planned, because it feels as if you already done it.
  12. Hypnosis is not taking away your power to choose. It’s making the right choice easier.

If you are looking for a weight loss hypnotherapist in Phoenix, please schedule your free consultation. 

I combine NLP with hypnosis as well as coaching. In my 4 month process you get my support in this emotional yet empowering journey. In addition to creating new thinking habits, that you can use for life, you will get a deeper understanding of nutrition, hormones, and your brain. The results will last longer. Weight loss is a journey that requires courage, patience, self care. We can make it way more positive for you this time.