Emotions of Fulfillment [video]

Do you realize how often you feel empty, and how often you feel fulfilled?

Sure… it’s obvious: some emotions make us feel empty, and some emotions make us feel fulfilled. Simple. Everyone knows this, but…

What I found to be true for myself, when I put the obvious into words, in a way it takes it out of the unconscious, to the surface. So I can look at it consciously. And do something with it.

When I acknowledge I feel negative emotions, I can take them and change them.  Because I know that if I let them be out of control, they will make me feel empty.  Like this morning. I had a choice. The default was a downwards spiral. I’m glad I gently took control.

I’m not taking about lying to yourself, denying and pretending. I’m talking about taking responsibility for what you feel.

Nothing outside of you can fill the emptiness

Let me illustrate it.

When you sit at a job, feeling you are wasting your life there…. (been there) or  when you want someone to do something, and they are not doing it, so you make all kinds of negative assumptions about yourself –  you feel draining emotions.

They create emptiness.  In those moments you are more likely to reach for sugar or any comfort food to fill the void. We try to find outside of us, something to fill it, but nothing outside has the ability to fill the emptiness. Only something that comes from within can fulfill us.

The work of our mind can fulfill us. The inner work.

On the opposite side of the spectrum: When you are in love, you almost don’t have to eat… When something big and amazing, you have been waiting for, happens, you fill FULL.

Fill it and feel it daily

Fulfillment is a big word. It sounds like some big accomplishment. But I’d say it may be more important to feel it on a daily basis. Create it inside on a daily basis.

Interesting, when we compare emotional pain to physical pain,  When we have physical pain – we investigate what it is and we take care of it.  When we have emotional pain  – we wallow in it.  And we reach for food, for a drink, or go shopping.

If someone “hurts our feelings” we eat. ( At least this is what I’d do)

Recently in a similar situation, when I was about to buy a cookie, the wiser part of my mind jumped in “Really? Just because someone didn’t treat you like you want to be treated you are going to punish yourself with a neurotoxin and inflammation?” And I didn’t eat it. A win!

(I will still eat a cookie sometimes, but not for this reason.)

If you have not felt any positive emotions in a long time, it may feel like a daunting task to change your emotional state. But The Law says… the timeless, universal law says: a person who can feel deep pain, is also capable of feeling of great joy, to the same degree. In other words, the depth of you emotions shows the capacity of your heart.

Practical application…

Try to remember:

If you feel empty, it’s because of the emotions you are feeling, and nothing outside of you will fill the emptiness. Only your mind can fill it.

  1. Switch the focus of your thoughts. Focus on something better. You will immediately feel a change.  Our thoughts are not a truthful representation of reality, but interpretation of reality. Interpretation affected by our patterns, filters and our past. ( I bet this is what Tony would say)
  2. Be mindful. Use the power of words. When you catch yourself feeling empty, before you devour the whole chocolate cake, tell yourself THE WORDS that will work for you.  Your Mantra. Mine is  “I don’t have to feel this way, I can let it go.” “I choose peace, instead of this.” – my fav from Joan Borysenko
  3. Climb to the next positive feeling available for you.  It has to feel better than the one you feel now. Since it’s not easy to switch from anger to bliss, you need to climb a ladder, in a way, to the better and better feeling.  Better than before. – (I think this is what Abraham said)

You can do this and you owe it to yourself.

So try to remember:

If you feel empty, it’s because of the emotions you are feeling, and nothing outside of you will fill the emptiness. Only your mind can fill it.