Why I do this work [ why do I coach? ] VIDEO

There are two reasons I do this work:

Here is the first reason… freedom from pain.

I love to see people free themselves from any unnecessary pain. “Unnecessary” means – it’s here to help us GROW, not to keep us stuck there.   It’s here, so we can TRANSCEND ourselves.  It may come from a plethora of self-imposed limitations,  living according to others’ plans for us, from not having a solid foundation of peace and faith in ourselves, etc.

Your emotional and spiritual pain IS A SIGN that you are meant to live a LIFE BIGGER THAN THIS.  So pay attention to it… and take action.

Sometimes the inner work is a breeze. Sometimes it’s hard.  As I continue to work on myself, push thru my own limitations, because how would I help others if I don’t do the work myself, I try to remember:   

as hard as it is for my ego, this is what serves my SOUL.

The second reason… potential.

Every time you reach a level of comfort (something you worked for, something you created) there is a period of time to enjoy this… UNTIL… until you want MORE. This is a natural thing for us, humans to always want MORE.  And it is a GOOD thing! Go after the right thing and it brings you fulfillment on the soul level.

But if we don’t pay attention to the moment when we are ready to CREATE more, we can easily slide into numbing: activities that try to fill a void, but they are not fulfilling the NEED TO CREATE MORE GOOD.  

That is why you become bored with your life.

To be fulfilled, we have to grow. We have to create. We have  to face our limitations and our ever expanding potential.

To get more from life we need to ask more of ourselves.

I help you to tap into what you want, what you need, what would be the next best thing for you.  And I am by your side while you are making it HAPPEN. You can make your own life a masterpiece. And I love seeing how you start falling in love with yourself again. Or maybe for the first time.

You have to remember that everything you want is available already in the quantum field. You simply need to reach for it.