Do your habits support or sabotage your goals? [video]


It is the beginning of April and looking at my plans for this year I have to ask myself this:

Are my habits supporting or sabotaging my goals?

  • When you think about your accomplished goal, you can tell what contributed to it. The habits you engaged in daily, the person you were, the things you have done on a regular.
  • When you look at the goals that were delayed or failed – unless they depended on other people – you can probably recall the negative habits and lack of positive ones that created this outcome.

So pick a goal now that you are working on: list all positive habits that will lead to its success.

  • Is it getting up in the morning to exercise and prepare healthy food for the day?
  • Is is daily meditation?
  • Is it a habit of protecting your time?
  • Setting boundaries? Scheduling the blocks of time to do the work?
  • A habit of saying no to the no essential?
  • Is it a habit of disregarding all self-doubt that is usually leading to non action?
  • A habit of self acceptance?
  • Habit of looking for the positive in any situation?
  • Habit of doing the work regardless if you feel like it or not?

Finally is it a habit of sticking to the positive habit? 🙂

Let me know

a. what goal would you like to finish in the next 30 days

b. and what habits will you engage to get this done. 

And remember if you break the positive habit you do not have to wait to sunrise, as if the next day the next year was a clean slate. You can get back on track the next moment.