How to stay positive in the middle of problems?

There is no person without a challenge, a problem, an issue to resolve.

Some of us hide the problem within, and do not talk about it. (talking may feel like we make the problem bigger) Some of us talk about it with everyone (talking may bring relief, even if temporary)

Even though there is no person without a problem, some people become very negative because of the issues.  I’d consider it natural if not an observation I made of someone I knew quite well… and then I noticed that quality in others.

What is different about people who stay positive when dealing with problems?

While the negative people focus on the uncertainty, and repetition of all negative aspects of their life, the people who don’t seem negative focus on the solution. They have an absolute faith in the positive outcome.

I’d agree, that after months or years of struggle, you still cannot see light at the end of a tunnel…(actually, are you in a tunnel??) it may seem pointless to look for solutions and have faith.  Except that – what is an alternative?  Staying negative will surely feel like a downward spiral and lack of faith in yourself and positive outcome will drain your energy – and you need it.

Why is it worth it to stay positive (and resourceful)

  • A positive mind is full of possibilities. Add faith… and you just energized the whole experience.
  • A negative mind sees very few solutions, usually grim. A negative mind lives in a tunnel.

Surrender is a positive thing

When you tried everything and nothing worked and you run out of options and energy,  there is one more thing you can do. Surrender. Surrender to what? To whom? For spiritual people it may be easier. For those who do not believe in anything beyond physical – they may surrender to the highest good.  Highest self.  To the flow of life. Surrender to the POSITIVE. The the Light. Do not surrender to darkness.

There is a sense of rest and relief in the process. As hard as it is to let go and surrender,  when you do, you may feel the weight lifted off your chest.

That in itself will bring you more peace, faith, solutions and positivity.