Your Ultimate Past Life Experience [video]

The most powerful psychotherapy technique

-this is how the legend Dr Norm Shealy calls the regression therapy aka Past life regression

And I want to tell you why and how I expanded the past life regression for you.


Most people that come to me, seek clarity. They are tired of patterns running their lives for years or decades, or something new mysterious is taking place and they want to seek answers on the deeper layers of their mind

Regression is a way of deepening our self-knowledge, finding clarity, understanding yourself

For years I accepted that some people do not see anything in regression. They say the number is 1 in 10.

There is just darkness no matter how you navigate their moves in the session. Most of those who had “the block” still got something out of it… at any point I was prepared to move on to a “regular” hypnosis so they would still get the benefits.

But in the beginning of the year I had a client whose disappointment made me to take it upon myself to search. What should I do differently?  I’m doing exactly the same thing with everyone.

Since I didn’t find anything, I wasn’t already doing, I decided to add more layers to my sessions.  This is how I made this multidimensional experience. The added benefit is: If you do not “see” anything in the past lives, there are 3 more parts where you can get the answers.

This is what you will experience in the upgraded, multidimensional version of past life regression

  1. PAST LIVES. At least 3 “past lives” (those can be paralleled or future lives)
  2. CONTRACTS. Space in between lives, where you will get to ask about the contracts you agreed to before entering this life. Sometimes people go there spontaneously when we work on the past lives.
  3. AKASHIC RECORDS. Records of everything that ever happened from the beginning of time, everything your Soul went through. We will access the records related to your questions
  4. ANSWERS FROM YOUR HIGHEST SELF. You will have a chance to ask direct questions of your Highest Self. You are coming with a list of questions, that I am going to read back,  so no worries about remembering everything. (this part I borrowed from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

I’m working on integrating two more parts,  or altering some parts, if appropriate for your needs.


Unlike simple hypnosis sessions that I conduct via zoom, this one is only available in person, in Phoenix for now. It takes 2.5 -3.5 hours. When you are ready to schedule please go here or click directly on this link