What happens when You End Emotional Eating

What’s emotional eating [EE]?

Eating when you are not physically hungry;

to feel calm when anxious,

entertained when bored,

and comforted when lonely. 

And what’s wrong with that? I think you would agree – nobody wants to stop EE because who wants discomfort and denying themselves this instant heavenly sensation that comfort  food can give. 

Why end EE anyway? Well, some never do…

But when you want to lose weight – you will need to look at this. 

When you cannot alleviate your emotional pain with any amount of ice cream – you will want to look at this. 

The Alternative.

The alternative to emotional eating is to be PRESENT to the unwanted emotion, emotion that causes us to eat to numb it.  I know, sounds about as attractive as tooth pulling.

But wait, there is a payoff: when you get PRESENT and CURIOUS about that emotion, it will bring to the surface for you to see: your unmet need, the unfulfilled part of you – which then will help you find clarity, and initiate a positive change. 

It’s something that would never happen if you kept eating over the pain. 

And you know that the food or the drink we are reaching for, to numb unwanted emotions, cannot really satisfy the psychological need we have in this moment. They only postpone the moment of clarity.

The end of emotional eating is awareness, Self awareness, Presence to our emotions. The solution comes from self awareness, not from food.