When you gained some weight back…

Everything was going so well. 

You were losing  it: pound after pound…  week after week. You got near your ideal weight. 

And then. 

You sort-of-fell-off-the-wagon. 

There was so much going on. Stress? You ate the bad food. 

There was nothing going on. Boredom. So you ate the bad food. 

And one day you weigh yourself and…  it’s BACK!

As if the fat was saying: You thought you could get rid of me, ha?!  I was just kidding! I will never leave you alone!!! 

And maybe you cry. Maybe you are mad. 

And THIS IS the most important moment: because at this moment you will decide (unconsciously) what it all means.  And there are basically two possibilities, leading to two different outcomes.

Watch this negative pattern:

You gained weight (FACT) and you THINK:

  • It will never work
  • I am meant to be fat / on the never ending weight rollercoaster ! 
  • The plan didn’t work for me… 
  • I guess I don’t have the discipline 
  • Actually I want to eat like a “normal person.” (what does it even…)  

When you look at those thoughts do you really want to believe them? If you do – what can you expect?  A cycle of defeat and frustration. 

What if this thinking is optional?

When I found myself in this situation recently I finally looked at the problem from a different perspective. 

Watch this POSITIVE pattern: 

FACT: I gained weight. THOUGHTS that follow: 

  • Bodies have the ability to gain and lose weight. (amazing!) 
  • I gained weight because I ate sugar and flour. (Cold fact. No drama. No mystery: cause and effect)   
  • Sugar and flour make us fat. (knowing this – I can use it to my benefit, to have a long lasting result) 

It is not important that you gain some of the weight back: it happens to everyone.

What is important : what are you making it mean? What are you thinking about it? 

And what you think about it will determine your feelings, next actions , and the result. 

Empowering thought will lead to inspiring feelings which leads to desirable results.

No way around it. 

You decide what you are making it mean.