“I crave it, so my body needs it!” Yes?…uhm.nope.

In hypnosis for weight loss sometimes we deal with addictions to unhealthy foods that make weight loss impossible.

We get used to food. But we get addicted to addictive foods, created for the purpose of making us buy more (and making us fat)  It is possible that you crave something that your body REALLY NEEDS.  But before you put it in your mouth check:

Is it real food? Eat. You may really need it.

Otherwise, we have a problem of addiction.

Is it processed?  Or GMO?  Does it have sugar or other sweetener in it?

Does it have flour in it?  Does it have trans, hydrogenated or polyunsaturated fats in it?

You don’t really need it. Your body doesn’t need it. However it may be addicted to it. 

You don’t have to be interested in weight loss; It’s necessary to remove the products for health concerns. But – you crave it. You think you need it. Why would you say no to it? I will leave the explanation to google, if you choose to research. Or to my favorite nutrition book: “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan

 Some foods maintain life, but don’t sustain health, therefore don’t sustain life.

Back to craving 

It’s hard to break addiction because it happens on the cellular level. You develop receptors for the substances, and the cells will demand the poison. When you start introducing healthy alternative, in the beginning the cell may reject the healthy option. The cell will reject what’s good for it because it’s used to the unhealthy substance. 

With time the healing substance is accepted.

After a while you try the poison: and your body rejects it. How? You will know it. Pain is involved or skin reactions. Or both. It takes time and effort to stop unhealthy cravings. Know what you eat.