“I crave it, so my body needs it!” Yes?…uhm.nope.

“Some foods maintain life, but don’t sustain health, therefore don’t sustain life.”

In hypnosis for weight loss sometimes we deal with addictions to unhealthy foods that make weight loss super hard.

It is possible that you crave something that your body REALLY NEEDS.  But before you put it in your mouth check:

Is it real food? Eat. You may really need it.

Is it processed?  Or GMO?  Does it have sugar or other sweetener in it? Does it have flour in it?  Does it have trans, hydrogenated or polyunsaturated fats in it?

If yes, you don’t really need it. Your body doesn’t need it. However it may be addicted to it. 

 Some foods maintain life, but don’t sustain health, therefore don’t sustain life.


It’s challenging – but possible- to break an addiction because it happens on the cellular level. You develop receptors for the substances, and the cells will demand the poison. When you start introducing healthy alternative, in the beginning the cell may reject the healthy option. The cell will reject what’s good for it because it’s used to the unhealthy substance. 

When you know what to do about the cravings, urges and desires for the health damaging foods – soon the urges  get less urgent, less painful, and finally they go away.

(this is something I spend a lot of time on with my clients.  We need to address it with patience in order to win with these sabotaging overeating habits)

With time the healing substance is accepted.

After some time you try again the candy bar, the sugar loaded drinks, the cake or other heavily processed food you used to love and … your tastebuds reject it. This will be better for your body.

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