The Path Of Fulfillment


When I hike in the nearby mountains I often come across birds' nests carefully built in the prickly desert trees.  The nests seem very soft, and I wonder: who lives there?  

In life I believe in creating "nests" of emotional comfort for each other.  And as a soul centered coach, Reiki Master and a hypnotherapist,  I combine all the practices to create a place of REFUGE for my Clients. 

This refuge is a place where they can let go of what weighs them down, a place where they can RESTORE their strength, sense of worthiness and faith in themselves.  

And when it comes time to go, they can feel totally REALIGNED with their truth, feeling they can fly. - Joanna

Why I renamed this website to The Path of Fulfillment? 

Originally (2012?) I started with "positively rebellious"; personal growth,  self care, spiritual wellbeing, transforming inner struggle to freedom - are after all positively rebellious acts. This is when I was dramatically changing my life.  And now, few years later, I realized: it's time to upgrade the rebellion. 

Fulfillment is what we all seek. Life filled with meaning and purpose.  It's not given to anyone as a gift. Each of us needs to create it.  And in the process of creating lies the key to our fulfillment. 

If you resonate with me and you are ready to do some work together - get in touch. It can be only one session that you need, or maybe you want a life coach who will take you thru your process for a few months.

If you could do just one thing...
Most, if not all problems in life, no matter how big or small, personal or global, can be resolved with
self-acceptance, self-respect, 
because of their impact. If you could do just one thing for yourself and the world, offer yourself more compassion, respect, and focus on self-acceptance. It's what will heal us,  it's what will heal the world. 

 I offer free phone breakthrough sessions to get you started in creating the Life you truly want to live. 

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My home/healing room is located near Biltmore / AZ-51 and Bethany Home. 

Contact: 480.331.8004  jo at positivelyrebellious dot com

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