Your life is a Journey. And you are the Hero.

This image is from  shows us additional aspects of the journey - true for many women.

This image is from shows us additional aspects of the journey – true for many women.


I was familiar for some time with the “Hero’s Journey”,  described by Joseph Campbell, when I realized that this journey is not just for a few. These are not the heroes we only hear about.

It is us. Your life is a Hero’s Journey.

When you look at the outline below, you will see a line dividing the underworld, the unknown and the known. (below stage 3 and 10)hero's journey

Nearly every person I talk to,  is either on the edge of going to the underworld,  or there already, or has returned.  Some are hesitating – they are in a stage of refusing the call to the Adventure.

Unlike a roller – coaster, this adventure is really scary, it’s pain of evolving and pain of reclaiming your Self.  People often start the journey because of pain of their own soul. It’s something we can’t even explain. Any terms that will work to describe what we feel, sound, or may sound like a total nonsense to those who haven’t been yet on their journey. The words will sound too “woo-woo” to those who operate in the language or reason and logic.

Because this is what we want to say, before we accept the call to the underworld:

“I feel like I’m dying”

“I feel my spirit’s in pain, my soul’s craving MORE”

“I don’t want to be here(meaning living on earth)

“I feel this… this… longing for Something … I don’t even know what… but I know it must be deep, and meaningful, and live, and…  it will connect me to Eternity

And when we finally accept the call the only way we can explain the step is “because my spirit told me so” or something similar.

What does the “journey” look like?

It could be:  leaving the relationship behind.  Leaving the job, the town, the religion behind.  Because there is such a painful discord when you interact with them, that if you stay you feel like you are betraying Your Essence. You need to go because of the everyday failed attempt to match your inner life to the requests of the partnership, the job, or the religion.

I believe we have many Hero’s Journeys in our lives. Maybe there is the One, lifesaving, the Revolutionary, the one that sets the values for life. And few smaller ones.  I see it in my own life. 

If you feel like you are being suspended between the sky and the earth, with no thing to hold on to – you may be on the hero’s journey.
If you feel like you can’t fall lower in life and everything that you knew about the world and yourself asks to be redefined – you may be on the hero’s journey.
If you try to push and push thru a difficult relationship, holding tight to the very thing that hurts you,  trying to revive the fire with wet matches – you may be asked to start the hero’s journey.

And when you finally answer the call – more struggle awaits but it will feel different. It will feel right.

Campbell says that in the end the Hero returns “home” with the Elixir.

The new found peace. Rewritten life’s story. A sense of being grounded in Life, Meaning, and Purpose. Everything makes sense. The Hero’s lessons and pain become light and new hope for others. But “the others” need to accept the call of their own Adventure. 

In the end it’s important that you came back Home – to Yourself.

Your life is a hero's journey