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[Podcast 8] The purpose of negative emotions

Part 2 The purpose of negative emotions. (Feeling better is not always the goal.) The goal is to be fully human. being always happy may not be. Just because we have power to change our feelings by changing our thoughts doesn’t mean that the purpose is to go from one extreme to another. It doesn’t mean you should aim for happiness all the time. Sometimes the painful Feeling is the healthiest response of a healthy functioning human. If someone you care about gets sick – you want to feel concerned or determined to find a solution. When someone you love dies, you want to feel sad; you want to feel grief. Anything other than this would be unnatural. Negative makes positive possible. You know the difference, you know the contrast . An authentic human life consists of positive and negative; some say it’s 50/50. We want to rebel against it. We always want to feel good. And that backfires. I also rebel against it, and when I do, I extend my own pain.

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[Podcast 7] Active Appreciation

Definition of Active appreciation It’s something we do to increase the value of who we are, what we have, what we do. And as the result we create more value, we increase the worth of our skills and assets in monetary and many non monetary ways. The opposite of appreciation is lack of care, lack of attention and neglect. How does it relate to personal development and our skills?

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[Podcast 3] How to shift your mindset

I love this quote Hafiz: The words you speak become the house you live in.

If so… it is even more true that the thoughts you think become the house you live in. You can’t run away from your thoughts, they are always there. Today I want to talk about Mindset. Mindset being a collection of thoughts. The house you live in. Mindset is affecting how we experience life and what we create in each area of life. If you don’t like the experience that your mindset is creating – what can you do?

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[Podcast] Eight Recent Episodes

I started the podcast to talk more about the concepts that help us grow in the areas of weight, emotional eating and creativity. I also wanted to challenge myself to share more stories. Because, by default I am a “bullet point” person. Frankly it was going slower than I planned. A big unexpected commitment got […]

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