Weight Loss Progress (when there is none)

How do you keep believing that all the effort will pay off  when you don’t receive the weekly reward: a lower number on the scale… When there seems to be no progress, how do you keep going?  

What if progress and success meant that you keep the promise you gave to yourself? That you keep going?

Day in, day out.

You don’t give up on yourself. You don’t lie to yourself. You don’t cheat yourself.  You have your own back. 

It’s so easy to slip into negativity: “I tried for two weeks. Two months… Nothing works! I’m back to ice cream.” But since losing weight is going to take some time, as it took time to put the weight on – it makes sense to slow down and give yourself grace. Patience, kindness, care. You deserve it like everyone else.

And know that it IS working. Because…

Progress is not linear.

You often work a lot and nothing happens. Until it happens.

The only way it won’t work for sure is, when you decide to give up.

Of course you may decide you don’t need to lose weight.

That clarity – is progress and a big success, too.

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How are you feeling on your weight-loss journey? 

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