“Why can’t I see anything in my past life regressions?”

There is a small percentage of people who do not have the regression they expected.

They don’t connect to: 

  • the inner vision,
  • sensations,
  • emotions,
  • deeper knowing

….as they go through a regression. The resistance is higher than in a regular hypnotherapy session.

I wondered for the longest time: why does it happen?  I even upgraded my regressions to include elements from the Life between Lives, and from the quantum hypnosis. But the script was not the problem. After all it was used for many years as a standard way. If I am doing everything in the same way with every client…

why  do some people experience resistance

while others have a stream of information flowing in a way I can’t keep up with making notes?

Other hypnotherapists told me it’s been happening more in the recent year.

Here is my hypothesis why that happens: 

If you discovered what was blocking you, if you had this issue, please share in the comments.

  1. People who trust themselves (trusting what they see in their minds’ eye experience, feel, know, sense) experience more in a regression.
  2. People who doubt themselves, question or dismiss what shows up in their mind’s eye, have a harder time to experience regression
  3. The pressure takes over. You have been waiting for this, you are paying for this, you have expectations from this. You want it to be amazing, just like the cases you have heard about. The expectations block the way. There is no right way of experiencing it. 
  4. The need to control the experience takes over. Letting go means trusting yourself and the process. 
  5. You feel you need to perform.
  6. Could it have something to do with our brain chemistry on any given day? If SSRIs affect dreams,  could natural changes in serotonin affect our inner vision?.
  7. The person belongs to The Volunteers (as defined by Dolores Cannon the creator of QHHT) – a wave of Souls that came to the Earth from other places in the 20th century to raise the planet’s frequency – they may not have past lives, or dismiss what they “see” because they don’t recognize what they see… overusing the logical mind.
  8. Blocking by the subconscious or by the person’s spirit guides. Michael Newtown described it one of his books. The resistance was coming not from the client but from the Spirit guide. The message for the client was: he had to use his will and decisions to overcome his problem.
  9. Having Human Design Right Angle Geometry. People with right angle geometry have a “veil” preventing them from more awareness and from knowing their past lives, or the reason why they feel attraction to other people … but even this one is not 100% since some of my right angle clients had rich PLR experiences.

One person have had this experience many times: every time she tries to access past lives her mind is blocking her in a different way. Though it’s becoming more enjoyable for her with time, she is having other blissful internal experiences – we don’t know for sure why it happens.

While it is frustrating when you don’t experience much in regression or life between lives… this method is not the only one to achieve your goals on your spiritual and healing path. There are more ways to access your alpha or theta frequency. The relaxed state when you get in touch with your Soul.